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Many of you have asked me what A Sculpt Body workout schedule I suggest for optimal results. Overall, I recommend consistent movement for at least 20 minutes per day for 5 days per week in order to gain strength, sculpt beautiful lean muscles, and feel energized for your daily life.

To make it seamless for you, I created a 14-day full body workout schedule for both Beginners who are new to me or working out in general, as well as for those who are more Advanced and looking for a challenge. This is my recommended starting point schedule for those who are new to ASB.

This schedule was carefully planned out to ensure you get a balanced workout schedule, and most importantly, with adequate rest days. Follow this to the best of your ability. However, on days that you’re feeling tired or sore, take that day off to rest or do one of my Quickie workouts which are all under 15 minutes. 

There’s no equipment required – if you would like to use an A Sculpt Body Band or follow a different (longer/shorter) schedule, click here for more options.


DAY #118 Min Beginner Full Body40 Minute Full Body Sculpt and Cardio Combo
DAY #216 Min Legs+Booty + 17 Min Mat Booty31 Minute Arms
DAY #3RestRest
DAY #430 Min Beginner Full BodyLIVE: 45 Minute Booty
DAY #5Quickie Standing Arms20 Minute Mat Abs
DAY #6RestRest
DAY #718 Minute Full Body Sculpt + Quickie Stretch36 Minute Booty+Abs


DAY #8Quickie Standing Arms+Abs +
Quickie Standing Legs
LIVE: 45 Minute Full Body Sculpt+Cardio
Combo 2
DAY #9RestRest
DAY #1018 Minute Arms and Abs Sculpt35 Minute Mat Abs
DAY #1116 Minute Full Body Cardio +
Quickie Abs
47 Minute Booty
DAY #12RestRest
DAY #13Quickie Booty + Inner + Outer
LIVE: 19 Minute Arms+Abs
DAY #14LIVE: 30 Minute Full Body Sculpt32 Minute Inner Thighs

Overall, follow this 14-day full body workout schedule for optimal results. Happy sculpting!

xx, Alessia

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