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I created a 7-day full body workout schedule for both Beginners and Advanced individuals, for those weeks you are craving some guidance in planning your workouts. Alternatively, if you would like to follow a longer workout schedule, click here.

This schedule was carefully planned out to ensure you get a balanced workout schedule, and most importantly, with adequate rest days. Follow this to the best of your ability. However, on days that you’re feeling tired or sore, take that day off to rest or do one of my Quickie workouts which are all under 15 minutes. 

I recommend that Advanced individuals use a band (shop my A Sculpt Body Band). But if you are advanced but do not have a band, you can mimic all the same motions and still get a great burn. Lastly, I do not recommend that Beginners use a band.


DAY #130 Min Beginner Full Body33 Minute BAND Booty Sculpt
DAY #2Quickie Arms + Quickie Abs30 Minute BAND Standing Full Body Sculpt
DAY #3RestRest
DAY #4Quickie Outer + Inner Thigh20 Minute BAND Mat Abs Sculpt
DAY #5Quickie Standing Arms+AbsQuickie BAND Standing Legs +
Quickie BAND Standing Arms+Abs
DAY #6RestRest
DAY #726 Minute Standing Full Body Sculpt25 Minute Band Full Body Sculpt

Overall, follow this 7-day full body workout schedule for those weeks you are craving some guidance in planning your workouts. Lastly, enjoy your workouts and happy sculpting!

xx, Alessia

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