by Alessia

My motto is to LAUNCH FAST and ADJUST based on consumer feedback. Let me explain what I mean by that!

My Launch Timeline:

I started my fitness instructor journey in October 2018, about 5 seconds after I got home from my honeymoon (sorry Dylan!). In the first 3 months (October to December 2018), I got certified, trained with a mentor, and made up workouts in my living room. I also begged friends to let me practice with them for free, and attended a zillion workout classes for inspiration!

In January 2019, I started teaching weekly classes with friends in the party room of my condo. My goal was to get a ton of feedback to improve. Shortly thereafter, I started teaching at Fitness That Fits, a studio down the street from where I grew up. On February 1st, 2019 I taught my first class at Elle Fitness, and by March 1st, 2019 I was officially up on the Elle Fitness schedule.

All of that happened in six months. When I tell people that, the usual reaction is holy sh*t, you launched so fast! But here’s the thing: I did that on purpose. I knew that if I didn’t jump into it with both feet, I probably would’ve psyched myself out and never gone through with it. Was I 100% ready when I taught my first class at Elle Fitness? Definitely not. But I knew that If I waited until I was in order to launch, I would have been waiting forever.

My Launch Motto:

So here’s my advice: Whatever you’re thinking about “launching”, it will never be perfect. That’s why my motto is: LAUNCH FAST and ADJUST based on consumer feedback! Don’t be afraid to suck at first. A friend of mine recently told me “if you’re not embarrassed by your first product, you waited too long”. I believe that to be true! My feedback has come from friends, family, clients & other trainers. I value every bit of it so I can continue to learn, adjust & grow!

Xx, Aless

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