by Alessia

Alessia walking and listening to her favourite podcasts of 2020.

I’m excited to share my favourite podcasts of 2020 with you on my blog, so I can link to the specific episodes I love. I’ve made an effort to go for a walk almost every single day of quarantine, and I always listen to a podcast. Podcasts are what get me out the door, even when I’d way rather lay on the couch. I also listen to them while cleaning, cooking, driving, and basically any other time I can. These are my favourite podcasts of 2020, plus the specific episodes I love.


My favourite podcasts:

Anyways, I hope you get some value out of my favourite podcast episodes, too. Throw your headphones in, press play, and walk! Sometimes, I even listen to one of these podcasts while doing an A Sculpt Body workout – I swear, the time literally FLIES.

Xx, Alessia

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