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As a CPA, CA working in Finance (click here for more background on me), I know first hand how challenging it is to incorporate movement into office life. That’s why I created a go-to list of office exercises to get you moving!

I combat all the sitting I do by taking a quick walk every couple of hours, fill up my water bottle, or use the restroom. I also often do some simple office exercises and stretches at my desk, if I don’t have time to go for a proper walk.

This gets my blood flowing. Plus, most of the time I solve my biggest challenges when I look away from my computer screen for a few minutes and clear my mind.

There’s several apps you can get to help remind you to move during the day, like StretchClock. If you prefer a written schedule to keep you on track, below are some examples. I outline how you can get moving at the office by date and time, so it’s really easy to follow.

I promise, you’ll feel SO much more energized at work if you incorporate these into your daily routine. You can always customize this schedule based on your desired activity level and how busy you are.

If you really don’t have time for movement, then pause your work to take 3 deep breaths. In through the nose (four seconds), and out through the mouth (8 seconds). It seems so simple, but it’s so effective in calming the mind and refocusing.

All these recommendations for office exercises to get moving during the day are tried and tested by me. So I know they work! Get moving, my friends!

xx, Alessia

Photo of weekday schedule of office exercises

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