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"Love working out with Alessia! Her low-impact workouts are effective, efficient and amazing for cross-training with high impact activities like running. Highly recommend for anyone looking to shake up their work-out routine!"
"I discovered Alessia and A Sculpt Body in the middle of the pandemic at a time when I was just not enjoying working out at all. Alessia's workouts, constant positivity, and incredible instruction truly made me love my body and working out again. I recommend her to everyone I know so that they can feel the same. In just a few months, I actually had abs, and looked forward to a new video of Alessia's every week. I love how real she is, and that we're in the workout together! I also love that she always gives options of harder or easier options because they are so necessary and helpful especially to newcomers."
"A Sculpt Body impresses me with its diverse level of workouts. Not only is there something for every level, from beginner to advance, there is an equally wide range of length, equipment and style selection to pick from. I love doing the classes with Alessia, but I also feel confident recommending them to my audience knowing that everyone is welcome!"
"I'm an avid workout class goer, so when I travel for work, I never know what to do for exercise. Fortunately, I’m now able to stream Alessia's workouts online – they truly feel like I’m in a workout class! The workouts are all bodyweight, so they’re perfect for having next-to-no equipment while travelling. I combine her videos depending on how much time I have and what I feel like working out. They are easy to follow, and I always get a great sweat. Whether you're in a gym, have 15 minutes at home, or traveling, Alessia's workouts are the perfect supplement or a great addition to your workout routine!"
"Alessia and her on demand classes have been the perfect source of helping me get back to my pre pregnancy fitness in a safe and gradual way. My favourite are her low impact standing workouts. I find them to be the most effective as my body recovers from giving birth. I also love that she offers classes under 30 minutes since it gives me flexibility around my baby’s schedule. I’m really grateful for Alessia’s classes and would recommend them to anyone!"
Sirene Quach A Sculpt Body Community Member
Sirene Quach
Teacher, Mom
"Before I began working out with Alessia, I was addicted to cardio and thought that only high intensity, heavy weight training could get me results. I was wrong! Alessia has transformed my perspective on fitness. After A Sculpt Body workouts, I feel calm, energized and like my best self (never depleted!), plus I’m more toned than ever. Results, together with Alessia's crazy energy and positive vibes have me coming back every week. Plus, I love her under 10 minute "Quickie" workouts, for when I'm in a rush for work. I'm so happy to finally have a bodyweight workout for the cottage, too!"

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