by Alessia


To all my beautiful Moms, congratulations on this incredibly exciting time! I am beyond grateful to be a part of your journey, and I’m so excited to train and support you throughout your pregnancy.

Below and in this video are some high level guidelines to keep in mind when exercising while pregnant. I encourage you to incorporate exercise into your routine, while always listening to your body and being kind to yourself.

Keep in mind I am not a medical professional and do not know your personal conditions or stage of pregnancy. Ensure your physician or general practitioner has been specifically consulted and has approved your ability to exercise and use ASB while pregnant.


  • A light to moderate exercise program should be the goal. Take breaks and modifications when you need them and stay hydrated throughout class.
  • Avoid laying on your back and lifting your head (i.e., no abdominal crunches).
  • Avoid jumping and heavy lifting, stick to controlled low impact workouts.
  • Avoid laying on your belly, doing deep twists, and belly down positions (i.e., planks) once it no longer feels comfortable.
  • Avoid excessive stretching, as your body is more flexible in pregnancy. Stick to your usual range.
  • Use a chair or wall for support in standing series, and focus on stable exercises.
  • Remember to breathe!

ASB Prenatal Workouts adhere to all of these tips. Watch the above video for more!

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