by Alessia

As summer is coming to a close, it’s (almost) time to refresh our goals and mindset for the new season, and get back into a routine. It’s not about “detoxing” or “cleansing” (I don’t love either of those terms). It’s about taking small steps to take care of our minds and bodies, so we can feel our best.

Here are my top 4 tips to get back into a routine:

1. Change your perspective.

Saying goodbye to summer can be tough. But this transition period can also be amazing if we shift our perspective. Make a conscious effort to see the beauty in the fall season. Notice the beauty in the leaves changing colours, everyone is back from vacation so it’s a great time to catch up with friends, the weather is more pleasant for outdoor activities, fall outfits are so fab (leather jackets, anyone?), and so much more.

2. Commit to your morning routine.

Decide it in advance. It can be as simple as 20 minutes of coffee and reading time uninterrupted. Or it can be a full blown two hour long journalling, meditation, breath-work situation. Whatever you decide, stick to it every day and try to avoid technology first thing in the morning for a week. You will be shocked at how well it sets you up for your day.

3. Move your body at least 30 minutes a day.

Whether it’s a sculpt workout (try my low impact sculpt workouts for free), a walk, a light stretch in front of the TV. Anything at all to get your body moving, blood flowing, and endorphins pumping. I recommend making your workout part of your morning routine, so it’s out of the way (I like to make time for the most important things in my life first thing!). If you can take your movement outside, even better. The weather is so fresh & crisp in the fall, it’s perfect for a sweaty workout.

4. Set small, realistic, and achievable goals.

Write them down, plus how you’re going to achieve them. For example, a goal of mine is not to open social media until 9am each day. I plan achieve that by keeping my phone in my office overnight, and purchasing a physical book to read in the morning while I drink my coffee. I also recommend habit stacking. If there’s something you’d like to do (i.e., drink more water), attach it to something you already do (i.e., have a coffee every morning). By doing them together, you’re more likely to stick to your goal.

In conclusion, I encourage you to incorporate some of my top 4 tips to get back into a routine.

Xx, Alessia

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